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2016 Grand Avenue • Billings, MT 59102
P: 406-281-5885 • F: 406-245-1149
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"This intervention was incredibly helpful. I was in a place of feeling helpless with communicating with my child. Once “intervention” was in place I felt so supported and the extra tools and ideas helped us through the tough time! I was impressed with how timely the process was, from the first call, to evaluation, and then treatment. Very nice, quick process."

"Because of ECI and FSS, my daughter’s school years are going to be less of a struggle."

"ECI has done so much for my family. ECI has provided us with information, services and help when we needed it. My son is where he is today because of ECI."

"The nature of this program is so personal, it’s necessary to feel comfortable with the staff to welcome them into the home and ask any questions that arise. It has been a great experience."

"We have learned so much on how to raise our special needs child and tools that have helped us help him in his areas of struggle. We are so thankful to have had the help of these workers for the first few years of our son’s life. They have opened our eyes to resources we otherwise wouldn’t have known were available. We would recommend ECI to anyone in need of their services."
"From our first encounter with ECI, our son was assigned a family support specialist who took the time to get to know him and his needs. She treated him as a little person with infinite potential, not simply as a child with disabilities. She developed a personalized curriculum for him with clearly stated goals and methods by which to attain these goals. By bringing this curriculum into our home where our son feels comfortable and safe, he was fully engaged in the many learning activities and social interactions presented to him. Within a matter of weeks, he went from being nearly nonverbal and timid with strangers to communicating through speech, sign language, and pictures, not only with his family members by also with ECI FSS and other non–familiar people. Sensory stimuli that were once frightening and confusing to our son became tolerable and caused less interference with his daily activities."

"We are almost to the end of our time with ECI and they are giving us help with what we need to do next. Our son is now two and a half and has made great progress and we have ECI to thank for helping with that progress. We will always be thankful for ECI and all their help and support, and will recommend them to people we meet along the way that may need extra help with their children. I strongly feel that if it wouldn’t have been for their team our son wouldn’t be where he is today."

"At the beginning, I was a little unsure of how I would feel with professionals coming into my home to help me help my child learn. I wondered if I would feel inferior or questioned since I am also an educator. This was not the case at all. Both staff members – the evaluator and the service provider – were very sensitive to our needs and feelings as a family. It truly felt like they wanted to help me and give me better tools to help my son. It felt like a team–effort and right away I felt comfortable – I no longer had to feel insecure about why I couldn’t help my son on my own. I appreciated their professionalism."

"When our service provider first arrived in November, my son had less than five words. Now, just 6 months later, he has over 20 and is finally beginning to use two-word phrases! This progress has given our family hope! It has opened communication and eased my son’s frustration because he can now communicate!"

"The years of experience and dedication of the ECI staff cannot be matched. We are so fortunate to have had the help of such a caring group of mentors that are not only knowledgeable, but also compassionate, to guide us through the ins and outs of raising a child with learning disabilities."

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