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Teleinervention is a newer way for our ECI staff to deliver services.
Recognizing the constraints that our recent pandemic presented,
our staff was committed to ensuring and continuing high levels of service.
We moved into providing services through the internet on
Zoom conferences beginning in the spring of 2020.

Since then we retain this form of delivery as an option when public health concerns,
family illness, or general logistics favor flexibility.  We can continue providing early
identification of eligible infants and toddlers even when going into family homes would be unwise. 

This model also allows us to provide timely services in natural environments
to both the child and the family.  By using the internet, usually through a Zoom conference,
we can facilitate IFSP meetings, provide services, and improve collaboration. 

As in our in-person visits our goals remain consistent.
We will visit with you on the goals you have for your child. 
We will observe and assist you in putting strategies into action,
and we will reflect with you on what your next steps are before we visit again.

When teleintervention is utilized, your Family Support Specialist will walk you through the process
and assist you in being comfortable using the delivery service.  
Helpful resources will include a laptop, phone, or tablet device with a camera; internet; and a free application.







2016 Grand Avenue • Billings, MT 59102
406-281-5885FAX: 406-245-1149