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406-281-5885 • FAX: 406-245-1149
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Free public screenings for children birth through 5 years (in compliance with IDEA) will provide an overall developmental check of your child, help you determine if he/she is developing appropriately for his/her age, and identify potential or existing problems which may interfere with learning. Screening is for all children birth to five years of age who have not begun kindergarten.

Free public preschool screenings are available across the region. 
Call your local school district or special education cooperative for information.

For families living in the Billings Public Elementary School District, you can call 406-281-5026

Evaluations for School-Aged Children
If your child is enrolled in public school, please contact your school for
information on screening and evaluation. If you meet ALL of the following
criteria, please arrange a screening or evaluation with your child:

  1. Your child is older than five (5) years of age and
  2. Your child is being home schooled or attend a private school
    in our attendance area and
  3. You suspect your child is having learning difficulties and may
    be in need of a special education evaluation.
    suspect your child is having learning difficulties and maybe in

Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is responsible for all early intervention and family education and support services in Regions 3- the counties of Big Horn, Carbon, Fergus, Golden Valley, Judith Basin, Musselshell, Petroleum, Stillwater,  Sweet Grass, Wheatland and Yellowstone. 

EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES (BIRTH TO 36 MONTHS): ECI provides early intervention supports and services to families in Region 3.  All questions and referrals for early intervention in this 11-county region may be directed to ECI at 406-281-5885.

FAMILY EDUCATION & SUPPORT  (AGES 3-21): STEP, as subcontractor for ECI, will provide FES services for Region 3. All questions and referrals for FES services in the region may be directed to STEP at 406-248-2055.