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development wheel
A missed
can help you
spot a potential learning, social, or physical concern, giving you the opportunity to
act early.
developmental milestones
At what age should your child be crawling? Walking?
Talking? This checklist offers a timeline of the major developmental milestones.

By 3 Months:

• Holds up head
• Explores objects
• Coos when talked to
• Turns head to sounds/voices

By 6 Months:
• Sits up with light support
• Reaches persistently
• Expresses protest
• Drops toy and looks for it

By 9 Months:
• Sits without support
• Holds, bites, and chews cracker or cookie
• Imitates sounds such as “mama”
• Responds to name

By 12 Months:
• Stands alone—takes steps
• Copies gestures
• Jabbers expressively
• Finger feeds self for part of meal

By 18 Months:
• Names 1 object
• Moves about house without adults
• Identifies 1-2 body parts
• Runs

By 24 Months:
• Initiates own play activities
• Plays simple pretend play
• Refers to self by name
• Jumps in place
• Combines 2-3 words

By 30 Months:
• Names 5 pictures when asked, “What is this?”
• Helps carry and put things away
• Matches basic colors/shapes